Third Party Reviews

Michelle P. | April 24, 2016 |

"Quite disappointed on first visit for my sons haircut - stylist was in training and we weren't informed. We figured it out when the stylist kept asking other stylists questions about blending. The asst. manager took over and was very rude. There is just too much competition out there to be treated badly or disrespectful. Opening a new location and building clientele might prove difficult with the customer service I experienced today. We won't be back."

Tanya J. | August 09, 2018 |

"My husband had not only a bad haircut but was amazed by the lack of professionalism. The stylists on several occasions complained about the work environment, the owners, the managers, you name it. One stylist even brought her kid to work and would stop in the middle of his haircut to deal with her. He ended up having to go to my stylist to get his horrible cut fixed. Needless to say, he will never go back."

Chris Allison | August 05, 2018 |

"My husband for the worst cut I have ever seen. I can do better!"

Sridhar Bandaru | July 10, 2018 |

"Horrible wait times and you get lot of attitude from staff. Online check in doesnt work. It either is a bad estimate or doesn't allow you to add your name. Not worth the wait and attitude from the staff."

Jeff Benoit | June 23, 2018 |

"Great place to get a hair cut able to check in online and drive there so they wait isn't very long."

c paul | June 13, 2018 |

"A new inexperienced person cut my hair. It was horrible. Warn the customer and have an experienced one check their work."

Brian P. | June 10, 2018 |

"Worst haircut I might have ever had. Zach left hair all over me, missed an entire spot on my neck and still didn't cut a spot on the top correctly after I asked him to fix it 3 times. I'm just going to have my wife fix it all and won't be going back."

Nathan Tucker | June 05, 2018 |

"Have been having my hair cut here since I moved in to this neighborhood.very friendly guys and great prices"

Wayne Daniels | May 05, 2018 |

"Always a good haircut, but not consistent."

Anthony Q. | April 16, 2018 |

"Horrible, only good thing was the mvp that at times can be very rushed in order to move the line making it overpriced. If you're gonna go ask for Brittany the rest of the stylists are awful. Stylists bicker and talk loudly while giving a cut detracting from the so called sporty atmosphere. Some stylists don't know how to even do a hard part, unbelievable. Also, one of the stylists smells like smoke and it is very apparent. Wouldn't recommend it for your young kids, wouldn't want my child to be breathing in disgusting smoke fumes while trying to get their hair cut."